Harsh trails, bumpy terrains and less than ideal weather conditions. You need products to support you on and off the trails. We are committed to getting you back to your regular training schedule by releasing products made to speed up recovery and keep you injury-free. From ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, knee pain and beyond, we have handpicked quality products that WORK.

But our product line does not stop there…

Zenith Athletics is here to serve Trail Runners. Our new line of products will include; Running Packs, Hydration Systems, Trekking Poles, Lighting Systems and everything between. We are actively working on developing new products you need on your journey!

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    SNAP, CRACKLE, POP...your ankle twists. What’s an ankle recovery plan without a highly supportive ankle brace – especially one that is rugged enough to be worn before, during and after you train. The trails are hard on your ankles. Sometimes accidents happen. Make sure you are protected from the elements with the Zenith Premium Ankle Brace. With this easy to use support made for Runners – the trail to recovery just got a whole lot easier. Please see the sizing guide in the photo gallery to find your perfect fit! You can also click "Buy On Amazon!" to see the sizing guide.
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    As a Trail Runner, your knees are your most prized possession. Even more so than your first running buckle! They support you as you navigate those narrow, technical trails. Give them the protection they deserve with the Zenith Knee Recovery Bundle. Made for the runner who needs support out of convenience AND function. Featuring multiple bi-directional straps coupled with rigid side stays make this stabilizer a perfect replacement for orthopedic braces. We have also included a seamless full knit knee sleeve with every purchase to make sure you’re covered in all life’s circumstances.

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