Trail Running or Road Running? (The Final Verdict)

The jury is out and Trail Running is better than road running. Bold statement, I know…

I’ve avoided going down this trail before. Sparking controversy is never pretty, but the debate rages on…until this article. Here are 5 reasons why trail running is better than road running (in my humble opinion).

1. We see more cool stuff!

Who wants to stare at dry, cracked pavement for hours on end? Not me!

Trail running exposes us to scenic views, forestry, trails and parks that are often secluded from all the noise of city life. Oh, and we also get to see dangerous animals too (yikes!). There’s no better way to escape from our busy lives than through trail running. Not only does our scenery look better, but a recent study found that trail runners look better too. (But let’s not go there).

For people who are allergic to good views, plants and smiling trail running is a bad hobby.

2. It’s Halloween all year round

I don’t know about you, but Halloween is THE best holiday in the world. Dressing up in whatever costume you want (within reason), without any judgement. I wish I could wear costumes all year round without the judgement. Before I converted to a trail runner, I was often subject to weird glares for wearing my tutu during my road races. All of that changed when I made the switch to trail running.

I guarantee you will see at least someone dressed in a weird hat, badger costumer or tutu (#freethetutu) during your trail races. Roadies dress up too, but it’s funnier to see a giant flamingo pop out in the alpine.

3. Save the knees!

Pavement is non-forgiving and tough on your knees and joints. If you plan on making running a lifelong passion, trails in your local parks are going to save you from having 3 knee replacement surgeries by the age of 55.

4. Repetition is the enemy

Some of us release our inner demons through trail running, some of us do it for the health benefits. We all have our reasons.

Trail running, compared to road running, is more of a complete full body workout. We use muscles we never knew even existed during our runs. Assuming the “downward dog” position during those grueling hilly climbs, we are not in the same upright position all the time. You will realize this especially when you first get into trail running for the first time or after a long break. DOMS are a real thing!

5. The community is supportive

If you’ve ever been to a trail running event, you know that the atmosphere tends to be relaxed and friendly. It is as much about being surrounded by nature and competing against the elements, as it is about racing against each other. When you fall, someone will be there to help you up. Trail running is the definition of unconditional support!

5.5  There are a million more reasons

As trail runners, we know that this list just scratches the surface. I would love to hear why you think trail running is better than road running. Leave a comment below!