Zenith Athletics | Our Story

Imagine this…

You just started prepping for your first 50k at the end of the summer. For the past 4 weeks you have been steadily increasing your total weekly mileage. Things are going great. A wide grin seems to be permanently fixed on your face. I am really going to do this! All the doubt and negativity your friends and family in your head seem like some sort of cruel joke.

“Why would you want to run THAT far?” “That can’t be good for you. Are you sure you WANT to go through with it?” “You’ve never done a race that long, are you sure you CAN do it?”

You use the doubt as fuel to keep pushing…

One cold and windy evening, you arrive at your favorite training spot. But today, something felt different. You shrug it off and start your run. Your senses are overloaded with the smell of flowers, pine and eucalyptus. You hear the faint sound of the river dissipating in distance.

The trails are getting more dim, making it harder to see the terrain in front of you. In a moment of mental absence your foot meets the edge of a tree root. Your ankle twists in a way you never thought was physically possible. You let out a dog-like yelp.

Fast forward to the next day and you are limping to the fridge to find a bag of frozen peas for your battered ankle. Your physical therapist tells you that you need to take 4-6 weeks off to rest your foot.

You are worried that all the training was wasted on one split second of neglect on the trails.

“Will I lose all the conditioning I have worked for? Will I recover in time for my first 50k? Will I be plagued with injury for the rest of my running life?”

Trail Running: A sport with many unknowns.

From unpredictable weather changes to brutal terrains, Trail Runners need products to support them on and off the trails. Zenith Athletics recognizes the devastation runners face when battling a running related injury. That is why we have developed products to speed up your recovery process so you can get back to running. From ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, knee pain and beyond, we have handpicked quality products that WORK.

Zenith Athletics is an all encompassing brand for Trail Runners. We plan on expanding our product offerings to not only include recovery related products, but also products to support you on your running journey. Whether you are trying to run further or faster, we have you covered. Our new line of products will include; Running Packs, Hydration Systems, Trekking Poles, Lighting Systems and more!